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Jn 14: 1-12

ONCE A NON-CATHOLIC televangelist talked about religion as a way to reaching heaven. However, he derided the Catholic Church, saying that her followers will never reach heaven. According to him, the Catholics will only reach “Rome” because that is what her official name suggests, that is, Roman Catholic Church. But, sadly, he forgot the official name of his own church: “Ang Dating Daan”; translated into English as “The Old Road”. Would that mean that his followers end up in an old, dirty, rough road?
In the gospel, we heard Jesus promising us of a bright future. We will all be going to the Father’s house, and he prepares “dwelling places” for us. Certainly, the kingdom of the Father is not a palatial mansion with plenty of rooms. If a house or home is a source of our communion, comfort and security, then there is more we expect at the Father’s kingdom. There, we will experience an everlasting communion with him and our Lord Jesus Christ.
Thomas asked Jesus, “Master, we don’t know where are you going, how can we know the way?” With that, Jesus answered, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Let us reflect on these revelations of Jesus about himself.
Firstly, Jesus is the Way. He is the way to the Father. While he was still on earth, Jesus spoke much about his Father who is also our Father. He talked about his union with the Father, the goodness and compassion of the Father. He preached the kingdom of God the Father. He gathered the people, and he even ate with sinners with the aim to bring them back to the Father. Our aim is to go to the Father. We hope to become part of the kingdom of God. To realize this, we need to believe, and to be in communion with Jesus Christ, because he is “the Way” to the Father.
Secondly, Jesus is the Truth. The words of Jesus are truth, and this truth sets us free. Some people think that truth can be relative. I have the truth, and other people can also bear the truth. Which of the two is saying the real truth? The ultimate yardstick for discerning the truth is the truth of God. If we say we carry the truth, we have to ask whether that truth is anchored or has its basis on Jesus the truth and on truth that Jesus taught us. 
Thirdly, Jesus is Life. Jesus once said to Martha, “I am the resurrection and the life.” In the Bread of Life discourse, he presented himself as the Bread of Life. He is the food that gives eternal life so much so that whoever eats of this bread will live forever.  In the Creed, we profess that we believe in life everlasting. This belief has its connection to our faith in Jesus who is Life and the Bread of Life. Thus, if we choose life, then we need to abide or remain in Jesus. If we distance ourselves from Jesus, we shall experience death because of sin and sinfulness. But if we cling to him, there we experience that we are alive and full of life. Indeed, Jesus is life.
Hence, Jesus as the way, the truth and the life has something to do with our day to day existence. Just as Jesus is the way, we allow also ourselves to be the way or instrument in bringing others to God. Likewise, we should also be bearers of the truth of Jesus. Lastly, as Jesus is life, we involve ourselves as promoters and defenders of life.

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