Mission Society of the Philippines

Seminary Formation

There are two major stages in the MSP Seminary Formation: (1) the Candidacy Program [5 years], which includes the Philosophical Studies and Spirituality Formation Year; thereby, the seminarians in this stage are called “candidates”; and (2) the Affiliation Program [4-5 years], which covers the Theological Studies and Pastoral Regency Program, thereby the seminarians in this stage are called “affiliates.”
The MSP Formation Houses, strategically situated in Tagaytay City, serve as the backbone of the seminary formation. They are the hub for the Configuration Stage, which is dedicated to Theological Studies, and the Discipleship Stage, which is centered around Philosophical Studies. The affiliates continue their theological studies at the Divine Word Seminary Tagaytay, while the candidates delve into philosophy at La Salette Seminary and the Philosophy Department in Silang, Cavite.
The MSP operates another seminary in Consolacion, Cebu. This is where the candidates, after completing their philosophical studies, will undergo the year-long Missionary Spirituality Formation Year (MSFY). At the culmination of the MSFY program, the candidates will have the Rite of Investiture, a significant event where they are invested with their respective cassocks (habits) and sashes. This marks their transition from being candidates to becoming Affiliates. They can then proceed to their intensive three-year theological studies in Tagaytay. Additionally, they will also have their Vocation Synthesis for one year or two years, during which they will have missionary exposure either in the Philippines or abroad.
Upon the completion of their seminary formation, the seminarians enter the next phase: the Incorporation and Incardination Stages. These stages signify a significant transition in their journey, where they are formally acknowledged and integrated into the Society.
Incorporation is preceded by a Rite of Admission, officiated by the Father Moderator or his delegate, with a written oath, application to, and admission as an Incorporate Member of the Society. At this stage, one is canonically, integrally, and definitively incorporated for service to and in the name of the Society. In other words, one becomes a permanent member of the MSP. Since MSP is a clerical society, incorporation is understood in view of incardination. Therefore, part of his incorporation into society should be his willingness and decision to be ordained a deacon and eventually a priest in the MSP.
The Mission Society of the Philippines, as a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical Right, has the faculty to incardinate clerics (C. 265). By the definitive incorporation into the Society, only "Incorporate Members" can be incardinated as clerics under universal law (C. 266, §1).
Incardination is realized by the reception of the sacred ordination to the diaconate pursuant to universal and proper laws (Cc. 736; 265; 266, §1-2). There should be at least a six-month interval between the transitory diaconate and the priesthood, during which the constituents would be duly informed, further formed, and accordingly prepared for a given task before they become MSP priests (C. 736, §2).
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