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hristmas is a season where almost every place is lighted and well-decorated, at least in the Philippines. Everybody seems to be excited to prepare gifts for others. All, even the most destitute person in our midst, want to share, no matter how simple, whatever they have to their loved ones. We are invited to join different Christmas parties and even organize our own Christmas celebration  in our respective homes and workplaces.

However, there is also angst in our hearts because Christmas is also a time to free ourselves from enslavement of any sort. It cannot be denied that our fast-paced lifestyle generates a lot of stress. To cope with it, we want everything in black and white as to what tomorrow will bring. Hence, we hear, see and read on social media different forecasts about the coming year.

My brothers and sisters, we live and breathe in the Lord of all goodness. It is not bad to keep ourselves busy with  "christmas activities" but we should not also deny ourselves the chance to receive the best "gift" of Christmas, Mary's boy child Jesus Christ. Jesus is coming again to remind us, that He is the only way to be free and to be happy.

We all want change, change for the better. While others advocate economic reforms to effect change in the society and some use violence to rid society of suspected evil, Christ is coming, indeed has come, to show us the way, the real way to real change, His way- the way of LOVE.

Let us then joyfully welcome Jesus, the Emmanuel (LOVE is with us), so that all our activities be more fruitful and our lives be more meaningful.

Wishing you all a LOVE-filled Christmas and a grace-filled New Year!

Fr. Eladio B. Oliver,MSP

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